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About Us

Masasa & Partners Ltd was founded in Hungary and started as an infocommunication and technology focused company.

The Group is dynamically expanding, our revenues exceeded 30 million EUR in the last 10 years. We work with over 50 employees.


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Innovative business model and future proof technology

Masasa & Partners Ltd.

H-1123 Budapest, Alkotás street 53. E Build 2th Floor
Phone: +36-1-808-9028 • Fax: +36-1-808-9029



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Ayudate Hungary is our vehicle dedicated to manage investments in the Group’s core field of activity, the Infocommunication industry. We organize our European ICT business around 3 main activities:

  • Services for telecommunication service providers

    we provide mobile and fix infrastructure installation and operation services on the European market and also related IT solutions for managing such infrastructure (network management, surveillance and customer service software and hardware).

  • Manufacturing and trading telecommunication equipment

    we are contracted with a number of suppliers for optic cables, patches, racks and we also provide related installation services

  • Wholesale trading of leased lines and dark fiber

    we have access to major transit routes in Europe and we help our clients to fi nd the best option for any interconnection, especially to the internet hubs of the continent



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Ayudate Africa operates through a network of subsidiaries, which is operated with the help of our excellent local partners. We are continuously building our network and currently we are present in the countries shown on the map.

Our activities in Africa
focus on investment management, business development and trading in the following sectors:

  • Infocommunication

    Next to selling the competencies of our European branch in telecommunication infrastructure and network management solutions, we also represent the competencies of our IT partners in the e-government field (electronic ID, population registration and election supporting systems).

  • Infrastructure development

    We aim to identify projects, where we can contribute with the vast technical knowledge of our business network primarily in the field of energy, water and transport. We also excavate our business network for finding optimal financing solutions for the targeted projects. In the energy sector, we are able to deliver renewable and also used coal/gas technologies.

  • Agriculture

    We diversify ourselves by offering end2end solutions for agricultural challenges. Next to delivering high-class European technology, our approach also includes customization for local needs, support during implementation period and identification of an appropriate local partner for operation. We have solutions in the following fields: grain storage technologies, abattoirs for poultry and livestock, meat processing, seed optimization for local circumstances. We strictly exclude any GMO-related technologies, partners from our projects.



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Ayudate Dubai’s activity is limited to manage investments and business relationships in the Middle East. The company is committed to act as a link between our Asian and African partner network, when a project requires such involvement (mostly for financing or contracting purposes).